About Us GOT Traffic Survival School

GOT Traffic Survival School is a partner school to Discount, AZ and Valleywide Traffic Survival Schools. Our family of schools are licensed by Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) and overseen by Arizona Chapter National Safety Council (ACNSC), MVD's contractor.

To provide quality instruction and when able, additional courses, locations and dates to accommodate Arizona drivers’ needs.

To offer newer drivers the knowledge necessary to be safe behind the wheel and provide seasoned drivers valuable tools to get back on the road safely.

Since 2000, our schools have been designed to reach individuals who have problems avoiding adverse traffic situations by increasing their knowledge of Arizona Traffic Laws, defining their responsibilities while driving, and most importantly, improving their attitude towards safe driving. We pride ourselves on great customer service and for nearly two decades have kept our promise to hold classes on the dates we advertise, for the price we offer. No gimmicks!


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Arizona Traffic Survival School, LLC

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